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Château du Tariquet – XO Bas-Armagnac


Ugni-blanc 60% Baco 40%

An intense bouquet, steeped with the aromas of freshly baked bread, toast and underlying candied fruit. Fresh, supple and well-rounded on the palate, revealing a subtle union of vanilla oak and fruit. Good length, with the aromas of dried fruit and toast on the finish.

Domaine du Tariquet Carafe carrément VSOP Bas-Armanac


Very Superior Old Pale – VSOP
A beautiful shade of amber. A strong prune bouquet with a wealth of concentrated aromas, the suggestion of freshly baked bread and a touch of toast and gingerbread. Aeration reveals superb aromas of baking bread, rancio and candied fruit. So smooth and well-rounded on the palate that there is only the flavour of fine oaky vanilla, with no trace of alcohol. Good length with a hint of macerated stone fruit on the finish.

XO Premier Cru François Voyer Grande Champagne


A mainstay of the Voyer range of Cognacs; XO Premier Cru is a “must have”. Rated 1st out of 17 cognac’s tested by the German “Finetobacco” Magazine Recommended by “L’amateur de cigare” Magazine in 2013. This cognac is the ‘holy grail’ for cognac lovers with its balance of flexibility, flavours and affordability. One of the biggest sellers in the last 3 years.