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Frenet Branca


Colours, aromas, flavours and … properties! The Fernet-Branca recipe is a special journey through the 27 herbs, roots and spices that make up its secret and unique special formula.

Every single herb is a distinct universe, experience and discovery.



Picon is a caramel-coloured, flavoured bitters drunk as an aperitif which traditionally accompanies beerin the east and north of France.

It is made from a base of fresh orangeswhich are dried and mixed with a solution of alcohol which is distilled. Picon also contains gentian and quinquina in equal measures. Sugar syrup and caramel are added last.

Poli Elisir Limone


Infusion in alcohol of peel of lemons of the coast of the lemons – Gardalake

The fresh and stimulating aroma of the lemon peel and the balanced alcoholic structure have made the limoncello
much more than a pleasurable digestif.

In the course of the last hundred years this simple and natural liqueur has become an after-dinner ritual to
celebrate an enioyable meal.