Aberlour 12 year Single Malt Whisky


The 12 year-old expression is a fine example of how the distinctively crisp, citrus character of Aberlour’s raw spirit is deftly softened by double cask maturation. Traditional Oak and seasoned Sherry butts are both used to great effect, as the mellowed spirits within are combined to deliver a subtly balanced flavour.

Arberlour 10 Year Highland Single Malt Whisky


All our single malts are made with the best local ingredients of barley and soft water from nearby mountain, Ben Rinnes. Our expertly crafted new spirit is usually matured for a minimum of 12 years both in the finest hand-picked Oloroso Sherry butts and American Oak barrels. It’s this double cask maturation which subtly brings together the characteristics of each cask to create a truly rich and rewardingly complex range of single malts.

Chartreuse Yellow

  • YELLOW CHARTREUSE 40% alcohol (80° proof US)

    Milder and sweeter than the famous Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse was introduced to the world in 1838. It also is presented in the traditional Chartreuse liqueur bottle embossed with the seal of La Grande Chartreuse. Its colour is entirely natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives. It, too, can be enjoyed neat or in a long drink.

Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole 10 Year


Clément 10 year old Rhum Agricole is a limited release of select barrels chosen and kept aside by our Cellar Master for further aging to develop an unparalleled distinguished character, while following the time-honored traditions of Homere Clément, and is certified under the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée of Martinique.

42% Alc./Vol


Clément l’Elixir


Few things delight the senses as much as a well made Rhum Agricole, which rivals single malt whisky for its complexity and craft production. And indeed, few distilleries make the style as well as Rhum Clement in Martinique.

This particular bottling is one of the better offerings to come out of the distillery. A blend of superb rums, this XO spirit has been aged for at least 6 years in oak casks.

42% alc./vol



Clément Rhum Agricole Blanc 50%alc.


Volcanic terroir and Clément’s tropical appellation lend Première Canne its exotic bouquet and a sensational palate entry with flavors of cocoa bean, bittersweet chocolate, black tea, and unrefined sugar. The mid-palate brings elements of fresh grass and beans preceding a graceful finish with subtle notes of caramelized suga

Clément Rhum Vieux V.S.O.P


The superb alchemy of pure, natural rum from sugarcane juice matured in the world’s finest oak barrels orchestrated by the Cellar Master gives Clément V.S.O.P Rum its brilliant mahogany color, roasted bean aroma and illustrious smooth mellow character.

G.E. Massenez Prisonere Pear


The birth of Distillerie Massenez goes back to the 1870s when Jean-Baptiste Massenez started as “home distiller” in Urbeis, in the Vallée de Villé. Jean-Baptiste Massenez unknowingly opened the way forward for his descendants who would inherit the status of home distiller: his son, Eugene Massenez inherited not only the privilege but also his father’s expertise and went on to become a recognised master distiller himself.

Grappa Di Sassicaia


Sassicaia barrel finished Grappa

Single vintage Grappa from marc with an intense and aristocratic aroma distilled in small batches by means of steam, finished in the oak barrels in which the Sassicaia wine was previously refined.

Kavalan Classic Single Malt Whisky


Clean, elegant, floral (pleasant & refreshing fragrance of the butterfly orchid), fruity and seductive. With hints of honey, tropical fruits (mango in particular), pear drop, vanilla, coconuts and suggestions of chocolate.

Master Blender Ian Chang work with the humid Taiwanese climate to create whisky that is diverse and complex. Fresh and clean, the spirit is rich with silky smoothness and hints of tropical fruits, mango in particular.

Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Lagavulin 16 is an intense, smoky-sweet single malt with seaweed flavors and a huge finish, aged in oak casks for at least 16 years. It has a strong peat-smoke that’s typical of southern Islay but also offers a dryness that makes it a truly interesting dram.

Laphroaig 10 year Islay Single Malt Whisky


Our 10 Year Old is the original Laphroaig, distilled the same way today as when Ian Hunter invented it more than 75 years ago. It is the foundation of all other Laphroaig expressions.

In making Laphroaig, malted barley is dried over a peat fire. The smoke from this peat, found only on Islay, gives Laphroaig its particularly rich flavour.

Those enjoying the 10 Year Old will first notice the bold, smoky taste, followed by a hint of seaweed and a surprising sweetness. This full-bodied variant is the foundation of all Laphroaig expressions and comes with a long finish.

Mars Maltage “Cosmo” Blended Malyt Whisky


Some of plump sweet scent reminiscent of honey and caramel, spread the scent of ripe fruit and subtle smoky flavor, mouth feel is round and soft, gentle lingering features.

“Yue one hundred” of the brand name, was named from, which is one of the mountain leading to the central Alps “Kosumoyama”. From the nickname of Yue reminiscent of the universe hundred (Cosmo), we have a label design in the image of the night sky looking up from Mars Shinshu distillery in the central Alps foothills.

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky


It’s no secret that the three malt components that form Monkey Shoulder’s smooth, malty and fruity character are derived from William Grant’s three Speyside distilleries: Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie. The malts, which are matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks, are vatted together in small batches for up to six months before bottling at 40% abv.

Nikka Whisky “From The Barrel”


This is a blend of multiple types of malt and grain that Nikka reserves. Nikka From the Barrel was created to deliver full flavors and richness of whisky “from barrels” which only blenders can sniff and taste. As the whisky contains so many characteristic components at a higher alcohol of 51.4%, it is essential to let the liquid “marriage” in used casks for 3-6 months for it to stabilize and harmonize. The concept of the unique short squared bottle is “a small lump of whisky”, which perfectly visualizes the rich and strong taste of the whisky inside.

Oban 14 Year Single Malt Whisky


A combination of rich sweetness with a smoky dryness and appetizing spice distinguishes this lovingly-matured Highland malt.

Rich sweetness and fruits – oranges, lemons and pears, with sea-salt and peaty smokiness.

Poli “Marconi 46” Gin


Marconi 46 has a precise and recognisable identity thanks to a unique infusion of botanicals inspired by the Asiago plateau, in north of the Veneto region, where the Poli family comes from.

Poli Cleopatra


Aromatic Grappa refined nearly 1 year in french oak barrique

Grappa obtained by using with modern competence Crysopea, our innovative vacuum double boiler still, that represents our way in the evolution of distillation.

Poli Cleopatra Amarone Oro


Cleopatra Amarone Oro

Grappa refined nearly 1 year in french oak barrique

Grappa obtained by using with modern competence Crysopea, our innovative vacuum double boiler still, that represents our way in the evolution of distillation.

Poli Elisir Limone


Infusion in alcohol of peel of lemons of the coast of the lemons – Gardalake

The fresh and stimulating aroma of the lemon peel and the balanced alcoholic structure have made the limoncello
much more than a pleasurable digestif.

In the course of the last hundred years this simple and natural liqueur has become an after-dinner ritual to
celebrate an enioyable meal.

Poli Mirtillo


Liqueur with Grappa and blueberry infusion

Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) were used since ancient times by people in Northern Europe to obtain a dye in order to colour fabrics; it was also made to ferment and distilled to produce a brandy with a pleasant and fruity taste

Poli Ruta


Grappa with rue herb infusion

That’s how Castore Durante, a 16th century physician, described Ruta graveolens in his Herbario Novo: “It is hot and dry in the third degree. Not only sharp, but bitter in taste. It digests, resolves, incides, dries up valiantly and chases away the wind

Rue is known since ancient times for its digestive properties and the magic aura that surrounds it: its flower is shaped like a cross, divine symbol, and for this reason people thought it had the power to ward off evil spirits.

Poli Sarpa Oro


Grappa matured in oak barrels

Sarpa Oro is aged in 225 liters French oak barrels.

In its elegant simplicity it holds the whole history and passion for distilling of the Poli family.

Redbreast 12 year Irish Whiskey


Full of aroma and flavour, Redbreast 12 Year Old benefits from a strong contribution from distillates which have matured in Oloroso sherry casks, giving it its trademark Christmas cake character.


Redbreast 15yr Irish Whiskey

94 Points – Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2016

93 Points – Beverage Testing Institute

Silver – International Spirits Challenge 2016

Double Gold – San Francisco Worlds Spirits Competition 2016

Tignanello Grappa


This specialty grappa is produced with grapes from the Tignanello vineyard and is made in limited quantities. Tignanello Grappa presents the aromas and flavors of Chianti Classico grapes in a refined and aromatic distilled spirit.

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Kentucky Straight Boubon


Proof: 90.4°
Appearance: Clean, brilliant honey amber.
Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruit, hints of mint and oranges covered with a dusting of cocoa. Faint vanilla and tobacco spice.
Taste: Rich, chewy, rounded and smooth, with complex citrus, cinnamon and cocoa.
Toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes abound.
Finish: Silky smooth, almost creamy at first with a long, warm satisfying tail.

XO Premier Cru François Voyer Grande Champagne


A mainstay of the Voyer range of Cognacs; XO Premier Cru is a “must have”. Rated 1st out of 17 cognac’s tested by the German “Finetobacco” Magazine Recommended by “L’amateur de cigare” Magazine in 2013. This cognac is the ‘holy grail’ for cognac lovers with its balance of flexibility, flavours and affordability. One of the biggest sellers in the last 3 years.